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1. Why Would A Protestant Consider Converting To Eastern Orthodoxy?
2. Salvation Across Denominational Lines?
3. A Brief History Of The Christian Church
4. The Protestant Tradition Of Biblical Interpretation
5. What Did The Early Church Believe?
6. The Humanness Of Jesus
7. Was Jesus Christ Born With A Sin Nature
8. Problems With The Doctrines Of Original Sin
9. Was Jesus Christ Predestined Or Did He Have Free Will?
10. Legal Terms: What Protestants Inherited From Roman Catholicism

11. My First Visit To An Orthodox Church
12. Can Christians Be Perfect?
13. Inner Stillness and the Jesus Prayer


Orthodox Prayers for Daily Life

Book Resources:


Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology – Andrew Louth

The Orthodox Way – Kallistos Ware

Everywhere Present – Stephen Freeman

The Illumined Heart – Frederica Matthewes-Green

How Are We Saved? – Kallistos Ware

The Inner Kingdom – Kallistos Ware

For The Life Of The World – Alexander Schmemann

The Face Of God – Archbishop Joseph M. Raya

The Mystical Theology Of The Eastern Church – Vladimir Lossky

The Orthodox Church –  Kallistos (Timothy) Ware

Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy – Andrew Stephen Damick

Asceticism / Monasticism

Way Of The Ascetics – Tito Colliander

Hesychia And Theology – Metropolitan of Nafpaktos Hierotheos

The Ladder of Divine Ascent – St. John Climacus

Great Lent – Alexander Schmemann


The Open Door – Frederica Mathewes-Green

On The Holy Images – St. John of Damascus


Lifted by Angels – Joel J. Miller


We Came, We Saw, We Converted – Fr. Joseph Honeycutt

Defeating Sin – Fr. Joseph Honeycutt

The Physical Side of Being Spiritual – Peter Gillquist

Life After Death – Metropolitan of Napfpaktos Hierotheos

Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction – Thomas Hopko

On The Person

The Person In The Orthodox Tradition – Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafptakos

The Freedom of Morality – Christos Yanneras

The Deification of Man – Georgios Mantzaridis

Partakers of the Divine Nature – Christoforos Stravropoulos

Relational Ontology – Christos Yanneras

On The Making of Man – Gregory of Nyssa

On The Incarnation – St. Athanasius

Deification in Christ: Perspectives on the Nature of the Human Person – Panayiotis Nellas

 • On Prayer:

Prayer In The Unseen Warfare – Jack Sparks

Beginning To Pray – Anthony Bloom

Courage To Pray – Anthony Bloom & Georges LeFebure

Living Prayer – Anthony Bloom

His Life Is Mine – Achimandrite Sophrony

• Lives Of Saints & Biographies:

St. Athanasius – F. A. Forbes

Fr. Arseny, Priest, Prisoner And Spiritual Father

St. Seraphim of Sarov – Valentine Zander

Fr. Arseny: Priest, Prisoner, Spiritual Father

Monk Of Mount Athos – A Biography Of St. Silouan

• Misc:

The Brothers Karamazov – Fyodor Dostoyevski

Crime and Punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevski

The Idiot – Fyodor Dostoyevski

• Baptism:

Of Water And The Spirit – Alexander Schmemann

• On Thoughts:

Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives – Elder Thaddeus

Confronting And Controlling Thoughts – Anthonh M. Coniaris


Ages Of The Spiritual Life – Paul Evdokimov

Wounded By Love – Elder Porphyrios

His Life Is Mine – Archimandrite Sophrony

Article Suggestions by Topic:

The Original Christian Gospel

The Trinity:

Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

The Sign of the Cross:

The Shape Of Faith And The Sign Of The Cross

Holy Scripture:

Notes On The Septuagint

Religion & Relationship with Jesus:

Religion, Rules, and Reality

On Original Sin:

Original Sin vs. Ancestral Sin

Orthodox On Original Sin

Original Sin?

Augustine's Mistake About Original Sin

A Better Atonement

Video Resources:

Anthony Bloom – Prayer In The Christian Life

Are You Saved?

The Gospel – Illustrated With Chairs

Salvation In Christ

On The Divine Liturgy

The Orthodox on Biblical Inerrancy 

Inner Stillness

Orthodoxy & Scripture 1: Septuagint vs. Masoretic

Free E-Books:

On The Holy Images – St. John of Damascus

St. Athanasius – F. A. Forbes

On The Incarnation – St. Athanasius

Podcast Resources:

Ancient Faith Podcasts

Podcast On The Eucharist Pt 1

Podcast On The Eucharist Pt 2

Our Life In Christ

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy – Fr Andrew Stephen Damick
                        • The Classical Reformation – Andrew Stephen Damick
                         (If you listen to any of his Podcasts listen to this one first)

Glory to God – Fr Stephen Freeman


Ancient Faith

Orthodox Info

Orthodox Wiki

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

Our Life In Christ

Glory to God for All Things – Stephen Freeman

One Family's Journey from Protestantism to Orthodoxy

Roads From Emmaus –Andrew Stephen Damick

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