Icon of the Prodigal Son
This blog should be viewed as a journey. In order to get the full picture, it'd be best to start with our first post and work your way to our most recent posts. A chronologically ordered list of our posts can be found on our Resource Page.

I started this blog primarily as a resource for my family; its main purpose is to keep them informed about my family's journey and to give a few reasons why we feel compelled to join the Orthodox Church. My heart is not to cause further dissensions within Christendom or to cause any quarreling with my brothers in Christ. I long to promote understanding of the Orthodox Faith–as it is often wrongly viewed by Protestants through the lens of Roman Catholicism.

If I ever misrepresent a belief within Protestantism please know that it is not my desire to do so. I will be explaining Protestant doctrines with my own bias and as I understand them–this bias is one of having grown up as an active participant in a Bible believing non-denominational church.

I am not interested in debates or iconoclasm. I am interested in conversation. Please know that this blog is a byproduct of the path I truly believe God has called me to travel.

There are thousands of books that have spoken of the Orthodox faith and the history of the Christian Church far more adequately than I will ever have capacity. Bear with me as I try to explain the way I understand the Orthodox faith.

I feel it is my responsibility to write this blog–even though I feel unworthy to do so. It'd be much easier to just convert to Orthodoxy without telling anyone why–to just go on our merry way toward Christ without caring to spread the word. But I must spread the word. I want to spread the word. I feel that I would be doing Christ a disservice if I didn't at least try. Orthodoxy is so rich in it's theology and it's practices to help propel people towards Christ.

Oftentimes proper understanding does not come overnight. It takes time to process–a paradigm shift or two is often involved. This is due to the Western mindset ingrained in us (especially those of us living in America).

We, in the Western world, are guilty of anthropomorphizing our heavenly Father as a vindictive, quick to damn, unforgiving God, instead of viewing Him as the great Physician. We must shed our legal understanding of God and salvation. Jesus came to heal–to give us hope and enable us to unite with God as partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). I pray you to journey with me down this road toward the original Church.

The picture on the right hand of the screen is an icon of the Prodigal Son. This is how I felt when I began reading about Orthodoxy. It is as though all the holes I had in my theology were perfectly filled with what the Orthodox had to say. My studies in philosophy and theology over the past several years have led me to a place where I feel compelled to join the Orthodox Church.

If you want to know a little more about me, please read the very first post on this blog which is aptly titled, Why Would a Protestant Convert to Eastern Orthodoxy?

You will notice that, within this blog, I do not often use direct quotes. The reason for this is because I do not want the posts to be or appear overly academic. If you are one who would be interested in reading some of these books you can find a list of them, along with podcasts, videos, and other helpful resources, under the Resource Page of this website.

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Peace be with you.


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